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2014 NBA Playoffs Live TV & Online Schedule (Round 1)

Basketball fans are ready to watch the live televised and online NBA playoffs games starting on Saturday, April 20th. The various games for the upcoming playoff matchups will span different networks for television, with online coverage provided as well. By the end of the playoffs, the league will crown its latest champion. Will it be the Miami Heat achieving a “Three-Peat” championship, or will a new team grab the trophy? It all kicks off this weekend, so make sure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch the live televised and online NBA playoff action. Let’s break down the various matchups in the Eastern and Western Conferences that sports fans will be watching. (Continued)

2014 Spanish Copa Del Rey Soccer: Live TV & Online Spotlight

On Wednesday afternoon, soccer and sports fans will enjoy the live televised and online presentation of the 2014 Spanish Copa Del Ray matchup featuring Real Madrid vs. Barcleona. The is the final of the Spanish Copa del Rey and will take place in Mestalla Stadium of Valencia. Viewers can watch either live on TV or live online, with a replay of the matchup also available. With the lineups for the matchup in question, many soccer fans are eager to see who steps onto the field and who wins this crucial live soccer matchup! (Continued)

2014 IPL Cricket Live TV & Online Schedule

The 2014 season for the Indian Premier League, abbreviated as IPL, will get started in spectacular fashion with an opening ceremony on 15th April 2014. Yes, the cricket carnival is back again with plenty of entertainment to keep the cricket fans watching the live TV and online matchups. This exciting tournament will be jointly hosted by India and the United Arab Emirates this season. The first phase of the twenty matches will be played in UAE. From May 2nd onwards the 36 games and the four playoffs will be played in India as part of this exciting seventh season. It all starts off with the opening match that fans can watch live online or on TV in select regions across the globe! (Continued)

2014 NBA Live TV & Online Games Schedule

The 2014 NBA live TV and online games are about to finish out the regular season and merge into the playoffs! There’s a few crucial games left on the schedule for playoff-bound teams who can determine their seedings and first-round matchups. The teams on our spotlight in the next few days include the Brooklyn Nets, Dallas Mavericks and Memphis Grizzlies, all of whom have games for playoff positioning. Let’s dive into what’s ahead on the live television and online NBA schedule! (Continued)

2014 NHL Playoffs Live TV & Online Schedule (Round 1)

The 2014 NHL Playoffs arrive this coming week with live televised and online coverage for pro hockey fans to enjoy. Among the teams competing for the Stanley Cup this postseason are the Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins, Montreal Canadiens, Philadelphia Flyers, New York Rangers and the defending champs, the Chicago Blackhawks. The schedule for the first round opens Wednesday with live TV and online coverage available for fans to enjoy. Let’s break down the upcoming matchups for television or internet viewing! (Continued)

Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2 Live TV & Online Spotlight

On Saturday night, sports fans will enjoy live televised and online boxing at its best with the Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2 clash from Las Vegas! This showdown will be the rematch that everyone’s been waiting for since the controversial decision made against Manny Pacquiao in Timothy Bradley’s favor 22 months ago. The latest fight and undercard will have live TV and online coverage throughout the night. Let’s check in with what to expect from Saturday night’s events! (Continued)

2014 Monte-Carlo Masters Tennis Live TV & Online Spotlight

Tennis fans will be able to watch the 2014 Monte-Carlo Masters tennis matchups on live TV and online from April 12th through the 20th as top stars compete for yet another prized championship. Among them will be some of the world’s best from the ATP including Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. With live televised and online coverage of this famous tennis tournament from Monaco, United States fans are sure to enjoy some exciting matches ahead of next month’s French Open. (Continued)

2014 US Masters Tournament Live TV & Online Coverage

The 2014 Masters Tournament arrives with live television and online coverage from Augusta, Georgia this Thursday, April 10, 2014. Tiger Woods, a four time winner at Augusta, and the top-ranked golfer in the world will unfortunately be absent from this year’s tournament due to a back injury he previously had surgery for. It will be the first time he has missed the tournament in 20 years, leaving the field of competition wide open for a surprise winner in 2014. (Continued)

2014 NBA Live TV & Online Games Spotlight (4/8-4/11)

The 2014 NBA schedule brings some great live TV and online games to watch as we are into the month of April. There will be teams jockeying for positions in the upcoming NBA playoffs with just a few contests remaining. During April some regular season doubleheaders worth checking out will be broadcast live on television channels such as ABC, ESPN and TNT. Basketball lovers will also have an opportunity to watch games live online via the 2014 NBA League Pass, WatchESPN and TNT Overtime. This preview will focus only on four 2014 NBA games that are on the live TV and online schedule in the coming days. (Continued)

2014 NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship Live TV & Online Spotlight (4/8)

The 2014 NCAA Women’s Basketball tournament is all set to be decided by a game that easily qualifies as “The perfect Championship Game.” Both teams involved have remained undefeated through the season and now in the tournament they’ll battle for the title in a historic battle when UConn plays Notre Dame on Tuesday night. UCONN is now part of the American Athletic Conference (AAC) while Notre Dame is now in the Atlantic Coastal Conference (ACC). As the former Big East rivals face each other, NCAA basketball history will write a new chapter with one of the two teams finishing off a perfect season by capturing the national championship. Let’s look at tonight’s live TV and online game in further detail. (Continued)